Mehndi is a natural, beautiful, and healing art and is perfect for all celebrations and occasions.  Join us and allow yourself to rest and meditate on the beginning of new life, transition in life, or simply the pure joy of life while heena is applied to your skin.  Then as the Mehndi design stays with you for weeks later relish the celebration and happiness in your life!!!

* Pregnant Belly Heena Blessings *

A Beautiful Sacred Way of Celebrating your body and welcoming your new baby into the world

The use of Mehndi (also known as Heena) in pregnancy, postpartum, and other significant celebrations has been a tradition throughout the world, including India, North Africa, and Middle East.  Placing Mehndi on feet and hands signifies a time where the mother does not need to focus on housework, outside work, and other daily chores, but instead focus internally on caring for herself, her baby, and bonding with the new little one.

Placing Henna designs on the pregnant belly during pregnancy is becoming increasingly popular within Western Culture as a form of a celebration and blessing of the baby, pregnancy, and mother.

Visit our Parties/Event’s page to learn more about mehndi during UjalaMama’s Blessing Ways                                                      (a mother-centered-baby-shower)

* Other UjalaMama Mehndi/Heena Services *

Heena Hands

Heena Feet

Body Heena

Girls night Out

Bridal Heena 

Check out our Gallery of Designs

UjalaMama Mehndi/Henna Services:  UjalaMama works with Mehndi/Henna artists in the DFW metroplex that specialize in Indian, Arabic and other designs and provides these services for a very affordable price.

Please feel free to contact UjalaMama Mehndi Services for all your special events & celebrations!!! 

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